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VADA offers a variety of services from general training to behavior modification and more! We aim to provide a perfect personalized experience for every dog and their person.  Check out our full list of services below.  


On call or virtual

$65- 1 hour consultation

Get all your dog, training and mushing questions answered. Ask me anything! Perfect for anyone who needs a little further guidance on training, if you are not sure what service to choose or needs some mushing advice.


Private  1 on 1 Training

Trainings take place at the clients house or location of your choice. Sessions address any personal training or behavior modification goals. All sessions are unique and tailored to your individual dog. Each session runs 45 minutes to an hour

Basic Training and Life skills package


If you are looking to work with your dog on basic obedience and being all around a model citizen this is the package for you. We work on things like loose leash walking, place, impulse control and more!

Package includes:

- 60 minute in person consultation

-3 weeks of training once a week for an hour

-1 follow up session (on the phone or in person)

* Additional training sessions can be added for $100/ session

$600/ 6 Week Package

 Behavior Modification  

Sick of leash reactivity? Has your dog recently become a sandwich thief? Are you finding yourself going nutty because of excessive barking? This is the package is your personalized remedy for all your dog training headaches. We work on things like simple misbehavior to more severe aggression. Each session is personalized, and training programs are dependent on the behavior you are looking to modify. 

$350/ 3 Session Package

$680/ 6 Session Package

$1380/ 12 Session Package

Package includes:

- 60 minute in person consultation

-3/6/12 weeks of training once a week for an hour

-1 follow up session (on the phone or in person)

Multiple dog household? Contact me for more information.
Dog pulling on leash

Puppy Training 

Peak Puppy Package

Jump start your puppy's future by setting them up with life long success. Perfect for people needing a little help with puppyhood. This training is for puppies 2 weeks- 6 months old.

$500/ 4 Session Package

Training includes potty training, crate training, basic obedience and more.

Package includes:

-60 minute in person consultation

-4 weeks of puppy training (1 week of potty training and/ or crate training and 3 weeks basic obedience)

-1 session follow up (on the phone or in person)

- One puppy play date ticket


Looking for mushing and joring specific classes and courses? Check out VADA LLC's

Mush to Learn Dog Training


Let's Talk Dogs!

Are you ready to enBARK on this journey with your dog?

 Let's get started! 

Sofia Koepke CCDT

Hiking with Huskies

 I will be in touch with you soon!

NOTE: Please check your junk mail if you have not heard from me in 24hrs. Thank you!

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